About 1addphd

This blog is a place I created to be able to write the kind of things I wanted to hear about the diagnosis of adult ADD. When I started researching this ‘disorder’ I found lists of symptoms and handy tips like how to use special timekeeper APPS. That is all good and well, but I wanted something messier and more reflective. What does it really mean to have “too little” attention? How can this be created by the environment you live in, in the form for unreasonable demands for said attention? What is the experience of living in a mind like mine, in its messy disorderedness and wild range? Etc etc. I also wanted a place to write like no one is reading. (or at least where a thesis committee is not reading) where I could indulge in typos and wholly subjective opinion. So please excuse inaccuracies and so on, and just come along for the ride.


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