relaxed, alert and waiting

Today, working with myself meant going to gym.  Zumba to be precise.  It seemed like I would be too late and that instead I should hurry straight to work.  But then I noticed how tight my shoulders were, with a little twinge in my neck.  I noticed how stuffy my thoughts were- literally stuffed into my head too full and simmering in anxiety. And I Just Went to my imperfect heaven that gym with dungeon ambiance and just danced.  Afterwards, I was sweaty and relieved and now I can breathe again.

I’ve noticed, my mind is full of delight.  I’ll start writing on a chapter of my PhD, and ideas will come tumbling out.  Good ideas.  Good turns of phrase too.  Like when I am focussed and relaxed at the same time it is just so easy.  And pleasurable, even, to write.


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