Sweetness of Inertia

So far I have been talking about how awful it is to be unproductive but I must correct that by telling you that actually  inertia  and slothfulness can actually be pretty damn good.

Like those days that in spite of my schedule saying “zumba then read 2 articles and in between free-writing and…” Those days when in spite of all of that I just do not leave the house, at all.  I start delaying and somehow I never change out of my dressing gown.   I’ll be collapsed on the couch, hungrily searching the InterWeb for something to satiate me, in my slothful curiosity.  The heat of the day will rise I will hear people Going About Their Business and even the children playing downstairs on the playground sound gleefully productive. I will keep the blinds lowered, subtarranean, dark, and embrace this murky world.   Eventually, maybe at say 2 pm hunger will drive me to the kitchen where I will make something fatty and greasy like a sandwich with egg fried in butter with strong dutch cheddar cheese and slathered in tomato sauce and to drink some strong milky ordinary tea.  And then back to the couch, and so it goes.

By 5 pm I will have tangles in my hair and a sense of blankness.  When Annelli comes in bustling the day in with her to give me some kisses, it feels like we come from different worlds.


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